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Be comfortable during your photo shoot.

I summarize here some tips to prepare you for a photo shoot of a couple or family. Whether it's the day of your wedding or a commitment session, a save thedate, or a trash the dress, I offer some tips to beautify the rendering of my work with you.

The poses

No worries about the choice of poses, Be natural.

Do not look at the lens, live this moment like for a ride between lovers. Be yourself with your attitudes, your romanticism to you. If you do not feel comfortable, I would make you take the appropriate and natural pose by performing for example movements. 

Your wedding preparations

Remember to take several clothes for your couple photo session (if it's a non-wedding session). Plan two to three outfits A classic or traditional and a more casual.

Bow ties

The custom bow tie is a good way to announce the color of your event. I have put you below a link to an extraordinary partner who make bow ties at your convenience.
During a photo shoot the bow tie to a small casual side and at the same time serious and official.
To confeccionner yours:

Make Up & Hairstyles


Souvenir photos of your sentimental objects

Some objects of your wedding tell beautiful things and I like to immortalize them on a clean and worked image. The decorations, the stationery and the flowers your table stationery, your invitations, your alliances etc. Do not forget the day of the wedding to set aside your items of stationery, the small tables, the beautiful envelopes sent to your guests, the paintings, and all the elements that you want to immortalize. I will make a beautiful picture on a beautiful wooden furniture or a beautiful chair so you can remember all these accessories.

Also remember to put aside your beautiful shoes, your accessories, watches and all other objects that are important to you to make a beautiful picture of details on a stylish piece of furniture. Generally I start by photographing all these elements.
Some partners can help you organize your decorations. Through a love session before marriage (Save The Date) you can anticipate and highlight the style and trends you have chosen for your wedding. This will set the tone for your event and your guests will only have to follow your choices in terms of colors, style and clothing. If you need advice on this point, you can contact 

Places, history, adventure

For a photo engagement session (excluding wedding day), I suggest you choose a place that represents you. For that I try to surround you better, to know the place of your meeting, to know your personality.

The story

Tell me your meeting, it will allow me to make photos that you like.

The adventure

A couple photo shoot, is above all a stroll in a romantic place. This is the way to look for the best visuals and especially to get a real moment and full of emotion. Do not hesitate to propose me your ideas (to take a boat on a beautiful lake, to walk on the top of a mountain, whatever, I would be delighted to know your envy on this subject).

Inspiration shooting and dissemination to specialized blogs. 

The lights

Nothing better than playing with daylight, natural light, coming from a window or a glazed kiss.
For a photo shoot, if there are beautiful moments of light it is at sunrise and sunset. In summer in France plan a photo session at sunset 30 to 60 minutes before the night, you will see that it is extraordinary to obtain images with this downward sunlight. so you will not squint and the charm of a romantic end of day will work.

Essential retouching

Alterations are essential in my work so that your wedding photos are the most beautiful.

Be careful, editing does not mean transforming reality or editing. To retouch a photo is to crop it, give it the right orientation, look after the colors, the shadows, and give a style to the photograph. It's the improvement of it. I call this the photo processing

Couple photo shoot

Couple photo shoot at the wedding

Plan on your schedule between 30 minutes and 1 hour to make beautiful pictures of you two. The best time is at sunset.

Couple photo session before your wedding

For a photo shoot of a couple with me in the Near Paris, I will propose a session that includes the taking of photos over 2 hours, the treatment of photos (at least 50 delivered, the extra are offered) and if you are in Ile de France , travel and accommodation are included. Do not forget the possible entered parks, museum, places paying that will make these beautiful photos. These will be your responsibility, for me and my assistant or second photographer if it was concluded at the signing of the contract.

Group photo session at the wedding

How to organize your group photo shoot?

I propose group photo sessions with all your guests. Plan half an hour in your schedule for this session if you want to get some family photos that will stay.

Little tip that I advice you

Plan a list containing the names of each person to be on each photo.
You can prepare color groups and distribute a color for each person. When you call a color, the people concerned will know that they must come to make the photo. This will save you a lot of time.

How will this unfold?

I suggest you start with a group photo, then we can make the photos of your respective families, friends and so on.

However, I advise you to take too many photos of groups and do not forget that I am also present at the reception where I can make some shots when you drink with them. 


Our work as a photographer you discover it through various media. Especially my website, but also the different blogs. All these images that you discovered before contacting me, are visible thanks to you. I always ask the bride and groom for the distribution of a selection of promising images and especially images that could make other couples dream for years to come. Nothing is obligatory of course, it is up to you to refuse this publication or to accept it and to specify the photos that you do not wish to diffuse.

 Organization and roadmap


The roadmap is the document I will take with me when I leave to join you on your big day. That is why it must be well filled and include correct postal addresses and consistent schedules.

Do not forget to fill it out when it will be sent to you by email (one month before your event) if it is not already done. This will allow me to have in my possession all the important information for your event. Take the time to fill it out once all is well programmed in your organization.

If you want to fill it now, send me a message.

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It's time to prepare your beautiful story!
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