Join the Snowy owl tribute!

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You want to win time on your process of photography, or you want to access to my tips to upgrade your style and learn how to manage your wedding destinations, this is for you.

Become a snowy owl

What is a snowy owl? We say in French it’s a “Harfang des neige” this is a bird, symbol of the north American natives Indian that you could find in the totem. But it’s also a symbol of a wisdom. He is living and hunting during the night and can see very well. I can compare it as a photographer who want to improve is work and his storytelling. Flying everywhere and working hard at anytime to find better images.

This bird is like me

I choosed to live in South America, in Chile where you can discover incredible nature who inspire me for my pictures. Inspired by the story of Mapuche and American native people. I try to learn from the photographer that I meet everywhere and I also would like to give you this opportunity to learn from my experience that I improve during 10 years now (until 2009).

Snowy owl is your guide in the cold forest

You can consider me like your guide to learn a small part of the life wedding destination photography. I will be super happy to teach you all my tips, no matter what’s your level. I am waiting to meet you and share with you! Just register on the form below to have more informations.