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NATURE adventure Drama

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1 Nature

To know a little more about me, I'm Maël destination photographer. What brings me to heart is to immerse myself in a place and an atmosphere to tell your story.


2 Drama

Inspired by the lights that are found in rock concerts. Music, atypical atmospheres.

My approach to photography is Inspired by the old films with marked grains and imperfect film and vintage, the black and shadows of an image at the same time romantic, dramatic and dark allow me to create your images with this atmosphere very cinema without to lose the naturalness of these moments.


3 Adventure

I am inspired by the story who are created by the new experiences. Discovered is the key to produce a good feeling with my photographer work. I invited you to see my last destinations and my books in the shop, are a good souvenir of this.
You could be the next story of a new adventure !