Create your story


Tell me how did you meet togeither, it will allows me to make photos that you like.

Creating a story is the most important part of my job, finding moments that will be strong memories of your life, understanding your expectations and offering you your own images.

At first, it is important to meet to know you better and discover how you live, what are your hobbies, and what makes you happy.

Don’t be shy and tell me all that you think is important that I know. After that, I will be able to offer you the best pictures possible.

How to bring emotional content to life?

Let the things happen during the day. Live all your day like a normal one with your friends and your family. Feel the moment and the emotions. Don’t look at the camera and consider that I am invisible. Don’t make a smile to me, I prefer to have a natural one, it’s so much better and tell so much of your own story and your own day!

Find the good place

The place is so important for me. You probably already choose it and this choice it tell a lot of your story. Maybe it’s a family house or the place of your encounter and your love.

Also, if you didn’t choose yet the place where you will pass this incredible day, choose it with all your good taste, take the time to find the best venue who reflect all the best of you.

One thing is clear, all the images that I want to deliver to you must have an advantage, an extraordinary emotion, or must reflect a part of the while.